Relevance of Public Health And Wellness for the Health Industry of Pakistan.


Pakistan, as all of us recognize is a developing nation as well as we are currently experiencing lots of obstacles as well as problems. These concerns vary from terrorism, energy dilemma and also poverty to improperly established education as well as health systems.

Health, which is the basic human right, has actually regrettably not been our top priority. This declaration is sustained by the fact that according to the World Health Company 2013 data, the health and wellness system of our nation is presently placed as 122 out of 190 countries. This is a really startling number specifically thinking about the truth that a person of our nearby nations Iran is ranked as 93 in the exact same checklist. This specific figure definitely attracts our attention towards issues in the health sector which we are presently encountering.

To start with, we need to understand what is suggested by wellness system. The health system does not just consist of medical facilities as well as medical professionals. It instead involves anything and everything which directly or indirectly affects the health of populations. The health system is composed of health centers, setting, metropolitan planning, food, nourishment and also many various other markets which are directly or indirectly involved in determining the wellness of populations. What this indicates is the fact that by merely building new health centers as well as generating even more medical professionals, we can not make our health and wellness systems much better. There has to be a multi-sectoral approach which requires to involve all the elements of the wellness system.

The following and also one of the most essential aspect to consider is that we require to reshape our existing wellness system model. If we want to improve the health status of our populace, we have to base our wellness system on the precautionary strategy as opposed to the medicinal approach, that is, we need to promote public health. The time has actually now come where we have to come out of the downstream (clinician) approach and relocate towards upstream (public wellness) method. This is the only method whereby we can endure and can make the wellness standing of our populace much better. We should reevaluate and modify our existing health policy as well as we will need to establish it on the design of public wellness. This is the need of the time and also if we want to endure and also compete with the globe, we have to adhere to the general public health design as opposed to the clinician’s version.

Today, there are just a handful of institutes all across the country which supply expert studies in the area of precautionary medicine. In order to create knowledgeable public health professionals, we need to have lots of scholastic institutes whose emphasis is solely on preventative medication. The federal government must also support such institutes as well as supply ideal funding to them, to make sure that they can eventually end up being secure and lasting. Hence the only method to make our health and wellness industry thrive is by servicing public health. If this is refrained from doing on a top priority basis and also we are unable to change our emphasis from clinicians design to public wellness model, it is been afraid that we will lag far behind as far as the health and wellness field is worried.

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