How to Select the Best Location for Your Aircon Unit


The longevity and effectiveness of your air conditioner depend on where you place it. A strategically positioned unit will increase the efficiency of the cooling process in your house, use less energy, and last longer. On the flip side, improper placement might result in higher energy costs, more frequent maintenance problems, and insufficient cooling. Whether you’re searching for a more expensive setup or the cheapest aircon installation in Singapore, this article provides important factors to take into account when selecting the best spot for your air conditioner.

Think About Circulation and Airflow

Cool air is circulated within an air conditioning unit to control the interior temperature. As a result, the unit should be positioned to allow for clear ventilation. Select a spot for interior units where air may move freely around the space. Steer clear of positioning the device behind curtains, furniture, or anything that could hinder airflow. Make sure there is enough room surrounding outside units to allow for proper ventilation. Keep the outside unit away from anything that could restrict airflow and lower performance, such as walls, fences, or dense foliage.

Steer Clear of Direct Sunlight

Your air conditioning unit’s effectiveness might be greatly impacted by direct sunlight. The unit has to work harder to chill the air when it is exposed to strong sunlight, which increases wear and tear and energy consumption. Put the outside unit in a shady area or cover it from direct sunlight with an awning to prevent this. When placing interior units, keep them away from windows where direct sunlight may reach them. To enhance the unit’s efficiency, choose a spot that stays mostly cool during the day.

Closeness to Electrical Outlets

For optimal performance, air conditioners need a dependable power supply. The location’s proximity to electrical connections should be taken into account. Installing the unit will be less expensive and easier, as it is closer to a power supply. Extended electrical runs may result in voltage dips and higher installation expenses. Make sure the site is appropriate for the unit’s electrical needs by speaking with a qualified installation. This can be crucial if you’re trying to find the cheapest air conditioning installation because cutting down on electrical work can lower total expenses.

Effect on Visual Appeal

Even though functionality is crucial, you shouldn’t undervalue your air conditioner’s aesthetic appeal. For indoor units, pick a spot that complements the inside decor of your house without being overly noticeable. Think about locations where the device can be positioned covertly, like high on a wall or above doors. To preserve the aesthetic attractiveness of your home’s façade, situate outdoor units in less noticeable areas like the side or back of the building.


When choosing the ideal spot for your air conditioner, consider ventilation, exposure to sunlight, noise levels, ease of maintenance, electrical connections, and aesthetics. By carefully considering where to put your unit, you may lower energy expenses, increase efficiency, and guarantee years of quiet, reliable operation. Whether you want a high-end setup or the cheapest air conditioning installation, following these tips will help you make a wise choice.

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