6 Tips for Family-friendly Dinner and Dance Events


Family-friendly dinner and dance events offer a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to come together, celebrate, and have fun. Whether it’s a wedding, a community gathering, or a corporate family day, creating an atmosphere that appeals to both adults and children is crucial. Here are six tips to help you plan an unforgettable, family-friendly dinner and dance event.

1. Choose the Right Venue

The venue sets the tone for the event. It’s the first impression that guests will have, so it needs to be inviting and suitable for families. Select a venue that is accessible and safe for families with young children. Look for facilities like child-friendly restrooms, a secure outdoor space, or a dedicated play area.

When you’ve settled on a location, ensure the venue is child-proofed, with no sharp edges or potential hazards. If there’s a dance floor, make sure it’s not slippery, and if you’re using candles, place them out of children’s reach. These small considerations can make a big difference in creating a comfortable family environment.

2. Craft a Diverse Menu

With family events, catering becomes more complex as you serve various tastes and dietary needs. Children’s palates can be quite different from adults, and their dietary needs should be considered when planning the menu.

Offer a kid-friendly menu alongside the main menu. A buffet with a wide selection of dishes might also be wise, ensuring everyone has something delightful to eat, regardless of age.

3. Plan Age-Appropriate Entertainment for Dinner and Dance

Entertainment is at the heart of any dinner and dance event, and choosing the right entertainment for dinner and dance is essential to creating a family-friendly atmosphere.

Hire performers or DJs who are experienced in engaging a mixed-age audience. Include interactive games, magic shows, or puppet theatre for children. By ensuring entertainment that appeals to all age groups, the event becomes lively and enjoyable for everyone.

4. Provide a Childcare or Play Area

Providing childcare facilities can be a thoughtful touch for events that stretch over several hours or late into the evening. Young children might need a break from the festivities, and parents will appreciate a safe space where their kids can play or relax.

Consider hiring professional childcare staff to supervise a play area with toys, games, and crafts. Alternatively, designate a quiet space where babies and toddlers can nap.

5. Incorporate Interactive Activities for All Ages

Interaction creates a lively and engaging atmosphere, and it helps break the ice between families who may not know each other well. Organise activities like family dance-offs, scavenger hunts, or group craft projects that allow families to participate together.

Ensure that instructions and materials are suitable for various age levels so everyone can join in. These activities not only entertain but foster camaraderie and connection among the guests.

6. Communicate the Family-friendly Aspect Clearly

Ensure that the family-friendly nature of the event is communicated in the invitations and event promotion. Include details about the entertainment, food options, and facilities that cater to children, such as the play area or kid’s menu.

Use welcoming language and visuals that appeal to both adults and children. This helps set the expectations right from the start and ensures guests are prepared for a family-friendly gathering.


Planning a family-friendly dinner and dance event requires attention to detail and an understanding of the diverse needs of your guests.

Such an event celebrates the occasion and fosters community, connection, and a shared sense of enjoyment among family members. With careful planning and consideration, a family-friendly dinner and dance event can become a cherished memory for everyone involved.

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